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We all want a clean home but let’s be honest – finding time to clean is no easy task.Between work, kids, and other responsibilities, deep cleaning rarely makes the schedule.But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. With these quick tips, you can have your entire place glowing in just a few hours.

Start With the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are germ magnets so tackle them first. Spruce these rooms up fast by spraying your favorite cleaner all over – toilet, sink, shower stall, you name it.Let it sit for 5 mins then wipe it away. Use a toothbrush or old brush to scrub any stubborn spots. You’ll be shocked at how clean they look!

Declutter As You Go

Decluttering equals less mess later on. As you clean, go room by room and toss anything you don’t need.Outdated receipts, expired medications, out-of-season clothes – into the trash it goes! This prevents clutter from taking over later.

Make Your Cleaners

Store-bought cleaners can hurt your wallet and the environment. Whip up homemade versions instead of using ingredients you likely already have.Try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to cut through grease or baking soda paste to scrub any surface. You’ll save cash and feel good too!

Outsmart Dust

Who has time to dust every nook and cranny? Skip the feather duster and opt for microfiber cloths instead.Run the clothes along baseboards, furniture, and other areas you normally overlook. Dust bounces right off with zero fuss.

Detail Your Devices

Clean those often forgotten items sitting out. Wipe down remotes, keyboards, phones, and tablets.Germs love to hide here so disinfect these daily touch points too. Bonus – they’ll look brand new!

Open the Windows

Nothing freshens up a home better than fresh air. Crack your windows as you clean them to release musty odors. Let Mother Nature do some of the work for you!

Tackle One Room Daily

Overwhelmed? Pick one manageable space like the living room, kitchen, etc, and focus your energy there each day. This 5-room method prevents burnout so you stay motivated.

Use Music to Amp Up Your Cleaning Power

Nothing gets you in the zone like a great playlist. Crank up your favorite tunes and watch as cleaning FLIES by. The beats will have you dancing along and energized.

Clean Top to Bottom

Start high and work your way low. First dust furniture, fans and windowsills. Then sweep and mop floors. This prevents dirt from falling onto freshly cleaned surfaces.

Clean as You Go

No one has time for constant deep cleans. Simply tidy up as you move through your day. Load the dishwasher after meals, fold laundry between loads, wipe counters. Dirt doesn’t pile up this way.

Make Cleaning a Family Affair

Enlist the kids to help wipe tables, do their own rooms or take out trash.Turn it into a game with a reward at the end. They’ll love spending special time with you and it’s more hands to clean faster.

Hit the Kitchen Daily

Keep your cooking space sparkling by doing a quick once over each night. Wipe counters, load any dishes, do a sink scrub. Wake up to a pristine kitchen every morning.

Give Yourself a High Five!

Pat yourself on the back when a task is done. Celebrate all you accomplish each day, even little things.Positive reinforcement will motivate you to keep your spaces spick and span.


Clean smarter, not harder people! With these hacks, your oasis will dazzle in no time flat. Now get out there and get scrubbing to your favorite tunes. You’ve got this

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