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The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home: 17 Expert-Backed Tips

We’ve all let cleaning slide more than once. But deep cleaning leads to less stress, better health, and a sanctuary we deserve.I’m sharing my foolproof strategies to make spring cleaning easy and enjoyable.

Start With a Plan

Map out which rooms to tackle and when. Work in sections to stay organized. Set a timer to stay motivated and blast music to power through. Celebrate completed areas with a quick break.

Declutter First

Rid excess clutter so you can see what you’re working with. Group items to donate, toss or find homes for. This decluttering alone will freshen things up.

Deep Clean High-Touch Areas

Germs gravitate towards spots we touch daily like counters, light switches, doorknobs and faucets. Give these an extra scrub to disinfect.

Spring Clean Your Electronics 

Clean keyboards, remotes, screens and charging cables. Germs multiply here daily. Use alcohol wipes or a microfiber cloth to sanitize.

Get Your Clean On With Music

Find that ultimate cleaning playlist to zone in and release feel-good endorphins. Energy and tempo will have you scrubbing till the very end.

Refresh Your Space With Scents

Open windows and spray a light mist of your favorite essential oil like lemon or eucalyptus. Natural aromas lift mood and mask any cleaning odors.

Don’t Forget About Baseboards!

These low dust collectors get ignored. Use a microfiber cloth or old toothbrush to scrub any grime lurking below.

Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Your muscles and energy need rest. Stay refreshed with water and healthy snacks between tasks. You’ll conquer more in less time.

Purge Before You Polish

As you deep clean, go through possessions room by room. Toss anything broken, outgrown or unnecessary. Less stuff means less dusting ahead!

Deep Clean Small Appliances

From toasters to blenders, these often harbor hidden films. Remove parts and wash thoroughly by hand. Your kitchen tools will sparkle like new.

Get Outside Help Where Needed

Recruit friends or hire service for high-up areas, like windows, fans or attic organization. More hands means faster completions.

Refresh Your Soft Goods Too

Wash curtains, linens, rugs and upholstery on a heavy duty cycle. Freshly laundered surfaces tie the whole space together.

Deep Condition Your Hardwood Floors

Sweeping and mopping removes surface dirt, but floors need TLC too. Apply wood cleaner and let it soak before buffing to a rich glow.

Make Cleaning Maintenance Manageable

Schedule quick weekly tasks like vacuuming, tidying or dusting. Deep cleans then feel less overwhelming when spaced out monthly.

Treat Yourself After

Reward all your hard work! Order takeout, soak in a relaxing bath, or enjoy your sparkling home. You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments.


I hope these extra tips inspire you to tackle spring cleaning with gusto. With the right strategies, it’s actually enjoyable to see your sanctuary shine. Your clean oasis awaits – get scrubbing!

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